The Tiles Have to Stay…

When Mark and I purchased this house, there had to be a lot of “imagining the potential”.  Take this bathroom.  This is the guest bathroom on our main floor.  When I saw it, all I knew was that the blue floor tiles had to stay.  While I love blue, the rest of it had to go!



I’m pretty sure these were all the original fixtures from when it was built in 1959.

So…we tore everything out, except the floor.  I kind of had to win this argument, as Mark really wanted to replace it. I however, wanted to keep some of the original aspects of the house, knowing it would look great when it was finished.  As I said before, I love blue and it’s calming effect.  So below are pics of our finished space!


We replaced the vanity, using a dresser from Mark’s grandmother.  Just inserted a sink in the top and we have storage in the bottom drawer.  You may notice I have one incomplete handle on the bottom.  I have been looking for this handle for a couple of years.  The actual pull part has a monkey face on it.  So…if anyone knows where I can get one 🙂

_DSC0023See the little monkey head on the bottom?  I’ve never seen another one like it.



Thanks Kristy at Next Time Around  for the class on making the shaving sign.


I love the white, chrome and glass…



Along with the bling I always like to add an antique, rustic look.






And I got to keep the tiles 🙂

General “Finishes” Dresser Perfectly

Sometimes you get a piece of furniture with a story behind it that just makes you happy to be able to restore it.  As with this dresser…

Julie brought this to me to have redone for a friend.  It had been through a house fire and meant a lot to both of them.  She asked if I could stain the entire piece.  Now I usually don’t (or haven’t) stained furniture.  I will do the occasional  top, but not an entire piece, but the story behind it made me want to do it.  So I sanded, stained, glued, replaced the missing mirror and varathaned…

I have to tell you General Finishes Java Gel is AMAZING!  What a transformation.  The ease of use and the finish on this is beautiful.  I would recommend it to anyone!

Here are some before and afters of the transformed piece.
















Thanks Julie for entrusting me with such a special piece!

Owyn’s Dresser

It’s always great when you can bring something old to life again.  Our son and daughter in law brought over a dresser so I could finish it for our grandaughter Owyn.  While it was a beautiful dresser as it was, it just needed some updating.  Image

The colours turquoise and purple were requested for Owyn’s room.  I love this colour combo!  I used ASCP in Florence and mixed a custom purple for the drawers. Once it was finished I just thought it needed something more.  After all it was for Owyn!!  I found these great stencils that give such an important message to any young person, that is to “dream, believe and inspire”.  The added touch of Old White to the dresser brought it to life!  Add some bling with glass knobs and she was done.



When I took pictures of the dresser I sat a very special teddy bear on top! My Nanny made him for my son Tyler when he was a baby.  I have him for safe keeping…for now…


How wonderful is it that we can pass old treasures down…if not a teddy bear , a great little dresser made especially for Owyn will do.  The dresser had come from Owyn’s great grandmother as well.  Treasures to keep!