New Opportunities

The year 2016 has started off great!  I retired from my job as of February 1st this year and now have the chance to explore so many more opportunities!  I can’t wait to paint, create and refinish pieces and have the time to do it!  As you can see I haven’t had the time to keep up on my blog but am excited to do that as well.  So, as I sit and contemplate the future, I know that it looks bright 🙂  I thought for today, I would share some of my favourite pieces I’ve done in the past year.

Here’s to keeping in touch with you on a more regular basis ~Lynda~

_DSC0123 _DSC0030 _DSC0026 _DSC0042 _DSC0028 Pleasant-Pickins-Painted-and-Stained-Dresser _DSC0011 _DSC0020 _DSC0081 _DSC0050 _DSC0086 _DSC0120 _DSC0023 _DSC0021 _DSC0078 _DSC0017_DSC0051_DSC0034 _DSC0079 IMG_0878 _DSC0065 _DSC0038 _DSC0021 Nancy Snyder Armorie at home _DSC0041 $300 pair _DSC0028

4 thoughts on “New Opportunities

  1. Beautiful work Lynda! I will have to send you some pictures of a couple of items. I need some ideas on how to repurpose them. Congratulations on your retirement…you will love it!

  2. Really happy for you & your retirement!!
    It’s in your words how excited you are to do what you love to do & to expand your great talent!
    All the very best Lynda and I look forward to watching you create more beautiful things!!
    You got me inspired in ‘creating’ too…
    Your friend,
    Chris Shaw

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