The Tiles Have to Stay…

When Mark and I purchased this house, there had to be a lot of “imagining the potential”.  Take this bathroom.  This is the guest bathroom on our main floor.  When I saw it, all I knew was that the blue floor tiles had to stay.  While I love blue, the rest of it had to go!



I’m pretty sure these were all the original fixtures from when it was built in 1959.

So…we tore everything out, except the floor.  I kind of had to win this argument, as Mark really wanted to replace it. I however, wanted to keep some of the original aspects of the house, knowing it would look great when it was finished.  As I said before, I love blue and it’s calming effect.  So below are pics of our finished space!


We replaced the vanity, using a dresser from Mark’s grandmother.  Just inserted a sink in the top and we have storage in the bottom drawer.  You may notice I have one incomplete handle on the bottom.  I have been looking for this handle for a couple of years.  The actual pull part has a monkey face on it.  So…if anyone knows where I can get one 🙂

_DSC0023See the little monkey head on the bottom?  I’ve never seen another one like it.



Thanks Kristy at Next Time Around  for the class on making the shaving sign.


I love the white, chrome and glass…



Along with the bling I always like to add an antique, rustic look.






And I got to keep the tiles 🙂

One thought on “The Tiles Have to Stay…

  1. I love reading your blog and I’m so glad you enjoyed my workshop. Your sign turned out great. Thanks for the kind mention. 🙂

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