From Dark to Light

In my last post, I let you know how big of a job it was to transform our house to what it is now.  This next area is our front entryway.  When we looked at the house, we immediately knew it had to be changed. It was just so dark!!


So…we tore out the front door with strict instructions from me that I wanted the side light windows saved!! It was more work than just ripping it out but I will show you what I did with them.  So worth the extra effort!  I wanted to keep the original slate floors because I loved the colours in it and knew it would be a nice contrast to all the hardwood we were putting in.

The panelling had to go as well!  We wanted a nice and bright entryway and more natural light.  So the process begins..

These are the stairs leading down to the front entryway…before…definitely needed lightening up!

After a lot of hard work by us and our wonderful friends and family…here are the results.  It went from Dark to Light!


My online find dresser painted with ASCP in Pure White.
This frame came from Mark’s grandmother. Isn’t it gorgeous!? Hand stamped design in the wood. Very special…




Mark wanted to change out the bannister, but I got my way and we kept the rod iron. I love the black contrast!


And here is what I did with the side panels of the front door.  What do you think?  I love how it makes the entry to the kitchen seem larger….


So there you have it.  Our dark entryway, transformed into a nice bright area!

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