Our Home…At Last

When we bought our home 3 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long), I had great plans to do “before and afters” as we renovated the place.  Well, we got much too busy to even think of that as we did most of the renovations ourselves along with the help of great friends & family.

So….I’ve decided that now is a good time to show you some of the changes we made.

When we looked at the house what immediately caught my attention was how bright it was because of all the windows.  I was in love.  Mark was talking to the realtor and 5 minutes in I was gesturing to him that this was the place!  We made an offer that night! After looking for at least 3 years it felt so good to have finally found the perfect place. We purchased it and had 4 months before we moved in to do all the renovations.

Here is the Living Room the first time we saw it. This house was built in 1959 and we purchased it from the original owners. Shag carpet and all…




It needed a little (a lot) of updating. So with lots of help we replaced all the carpets with hardwood, cleaned up the fireplace, added a barn beam mantle, stripped and painted the walls, added crown moulding, replaced windows, changed the wood fireplace to gas, and much more.


_DSC0142 2
My daughter Ashley having fun with the picture window out…thankfully this was one of the warmest winters we had in a long time. Winter of 2011/2012.


Putting windows in…





So was all the hard work worth it?  You bet!  The living room is one of my favourite places to sit in the house.  It’s a sun filled room, and sitting by the fireplace with a coffee and a good book…  Priceless…


We change out the carpet in the summer and winter…this is my winter one….love the pop of red!


We had stained the mantle when we moved in…and just sanded it all down a couple of months ago. I love the natural wood.






_DSC0025My place to call home 🙂

Next…from dark and dingy entry to tons of light…

3 thoughts on “Our Home…At Last

    1. Hi Karen. I originally painted them in light Fog Grey (i forget which company), and then added the darker grey on the fireplace wall later. That was just a custom mixed paint.

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