Paint Options

I was recently in California visiting my sister. She has never used the Miss Mustard Seed Paint before so we thought we would go on a search and find some. We checked the Miss Mustard Seed website to find retailers in her area. The first store in Vacaville we went to had discontinued carrying it. I couldn’t understand why as I absolutely love the results using this paint. We were told that it was too time consuming and more difficult to use than the Annie Sloan paint. We also went to Napa, and again the store there had stopped carrying it for the same reason. While I agree that it does take time to mix the paint yourself and it is entirely different than the ASCP, the end results are fabulous and well worth the effort put into it.
I use many different types of paints, including Miss Mustard Seed and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I don’t think that one paint can do everything! While they are quite different to use, they both have their uses and applications.
Here is a great article from Miss Mustard Seed. Milk Paint vs. Chalk Paint

Courtesy of Miss Mustard Seed
Courtesy of Miss Mustard Seed

So whatever paints you choose to use, know that they are all different in their qualities, colours, and end results. But have fun trying different paint options!

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