Loving this new hobby!!

I’ve always loved painting furniture.  In our previous home I was constantly changing things up with paint.  I have to say, my love of painting hasn’t stopped.  I have been busier than I ever thought I would be with this venture I started.  Who would have thought.  I just thought I would show you some before and afters of what I have been working on, which is why I’ve been so absent from blog world…

I love making these chalkboards…what a wonderful welcome!!

After  Done in MMS Boxwood Green
Done in ASCP French Linen, glazed and highlighted with Old White
No Before, but this is with straight Paris Grey
Added a dark grey glaze over the Paris Grey and glass knobs
Custom Order for Laura
Done in ASCP French Linen & Old White and refinished the wood top.
Everyone loves grey!  Custom order for Karen
Done in ASCP Graphite
Love the green houndstooth pattern with the black
I’m having fun making Chalkboards…

So there you have it my friends…why I’ve been MIA.  These are just a few of my projects I’ve been working on, in addition to finding the pieces.  Hope to post again soon! And please leave any comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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