The Turquoise Door

The house we moved to is on 2 acres and it came with a shed.  Now it wasn’t “oh good there is a shed”, we didn’t know whether to tear it down or burn it.  But Mark saw the potential in it and just had to fix it up right away.  His words were, “I can’t look at that thing all winter long”.  So we moved in March and by July, even though we still had renovating to do in the house, we were renovating the shed as well.  See for yourself the before and afters….

We have beautiful sunsets in the backyard, but that shed!!

View from our kitchen, but again the unsightly shed. Mark couldn’t take it any longer…
Time to get the pick up and start the demo
No words needed

I don’t have pictures,but we dug out the front to pour a cement porch, filled in the huge doorway, added leaded glass windows, sanded and painted the siding. We added an overhang, put in the columns and beams and re-shingled. WOW…you will notice in the next pictures I’m not in any of them, (I’m always the photographer) but believe me, I threw Mark every bundle of shingles that went on that roof! And painted, etc. etc…

Mark was great, I’m afraid of standing on a roof…
Finished with my turquoise door…we love it and have had coffee in the sun already this spring.
What do you think?
I’m hoping soon this will be my Pleasant Pickin’s workshop…

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